Eligibility Requirements
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Interested youth can attend a drill weekend with us under no obligation to join.
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Before you can be considered for admittance to the unit, you must "pre-qualify" by telephoning the commanding officer listed on the "contact us" page.

As with any organization, there is paperwork to be accomplished and we are no exception. Please start by visiting the National Sea Cadet Corps website by clicking here.

This link will give you lots of information including how to join. Once in contact with the Sea Cadet Unit Commanding Officer, the necessary paperwork will be provided to the parents. The following paragraphs outline the information required to join the Sea Cadets.

All cadet applicants must complete the pages of the Cadet Application and Agreement form and submit them and the enrollment fees to the unit Commanding Officer. The parent or guardian may assist in completing the pages and must sign each where appropriate.

The Cadet Application and Agreement packet is the basic documentation required to be completed prior to enrollment, and serves as the core of the USNSCC Cadet Service Record. It is primarily the parent or guardian’s responsibility to read, complete, and sign these forms.

Member Information (Page 1 and 2)
This form contains all required personal and demographic information, contact information, agreements, releases, and certifications. The Commanding Officer or designated NSCC Officer must sign as a witness.

Member Information (Page 2A).
This page is only for currently enrolled Sea Cadets who turn 18 years old while enrolled in high school.

Report of Medical History (Page 3 and 4)
The Report of Medical History is to be completed by a parent or guardian, and shall be used to disclose all medical conditions, mental health conditions, hospitalizations or institutionalizations, allergies, and immunizations.

Report of Medical Examination (Page 5 and 6)
Prior to enrollment, and no less frequently than once per annual enrollment period, all cadet applicants must receive a physical examination (sports-type) and report the results to their Unit CO. This examination is to be conducted by a physician, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner. The Report of Medical Examination form will be used to record the results of this exam. A form from the provider’s office cannot be substituted for the Report of Medical Examination form because other forms may not record all of the information required, and the Report of Medical Examination form contains all required medical information in a format familiar to any first-responding USNSCC personnel. The evaluating clinician should note any reason why the applicant may not fully meet the enrollment criteria.

Medical History Supplemental (Pages 7 and 8)
Prior to enrollment, cadet applicants who may require regular administration of any prescription or non-prescription medication during unit drills must submit a completed Medical History Supplemental. This form includes information about the medications, their dosing, instructions for administration, side effects, contraindications and consequences of missing a dose. For over-the-counter medications, the form need only be signed by a parent or legal guardian and the unit Commanding Officer. For prescription medications, the form must also be signed by the prescribing medical provider. Cadets who do not require medications shall submit the Medical History Supplemental form signed by a parent or guardian upon enrollment with “N/A” written across the front.

Request for Accommodation (Pages 9 and 10)
As described in USNSCC Regulations, Section 5.02, and Section 0110, the USNSCC accepts qualified applicants who, because of a disability, require some reasonable accommodation to non-essential policies and procedures in order to meet all requirements of membership in the USNSCC. To ensure that all volunteers that may be responsible for a cadet’s training, health and safety are aware of the cadet’s needs, all disabilities must be fully and honestly documented.

The Request for Accommodation form must be signed by the parent or guardian, Unit Commanding Officer, cognizant Regional Director, and cognizant NHQ Representative. Cadets who do not require an accommodation should still submit this form signed by a parent or guardian upon enrollment, with “N/A” written across the front.

Parental Support Agreement (Page 11)
The adult leadership of the NSCC/NLCC is made up entirely of volunteers. Many volunteers are parents as well. If you can help in any way, please let us know.

Proof of Medical Insurance
If the cadet has medical insurance coverage from any source, the parent or guardian shall provide proof of that coverage in the form of a copy of the medical insurance card, or an eligibility letter which includes the group, plan, and/or policy number. Cadets covered by TRICARE may not make a copy of their dependent identification card, and may obtain an eligibility letter through TRICARE.

Record of Immunizations
The USNSCC requires all potential cadets to submit a current record of all immunizations, on any form provided by the family physician or state department of public health. The following vaccinations are required: polio, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B, pertussis, tetanus, diphtheria, and meningitis.

In order to minimize the risk of transmitting communicable diseases within the tight, shared living conditions at most USNSCC training evolutions, and in light of the possible presence of immunocompromised individuals enrolled pursuant to an approved Americans with Disabilities Act accommodation, the USNSCC is unable to -- and will not-- grant waivers to this policy.

Report Card
Unit Commanding Officers may, but are not required to, request that applicants provide a copy of their most recent report card or transcript, in order to demonstrate good standing and satisfactory progress in school.

Once the forms are completed, they need to be submitted to the unit Commanding Officer for processing. If you have any questions or need help filling out the forms, call the telephone number listed on the “contact us” page.


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